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Lots of Sound; a Dash of Fury

How to Support My Music

There are several different ways you can financially support the continued creation of new music. Most directly, you can commission music for yourself, your multimedia project, or as a gift. Simply fill out the commission form and I will promptly get back to you regarding the specifics of your desired piece.

Alternatively, you can visit my profiles on either Patreon or Kickstarter. Patreon is a social media portal that allows "patrons" to pledge a small amount (typically US$1.00 – US$2.00) for each new creative work the artists posts onto the portal (i.e., a new composition, recording, etc.). Patrons are also able to set a montly maximum pledge if desired. I explain the process a bit in my Patreon Creator video, and more information is also available in Patreon's FAQ section. Kickstarter's model is slightly different, in that patrons pledge on a per-project basis, as opposed to setting up automatic payments for each completed project. In both cases, different pledge levels come with various perks, such as free copies of scores or recordings, free commissions for new music, or invitations and tickets to various events.

Finally, you can purchase scores and recordings either directly from me (via Paypal) or from various third-party distribution solutions such as NewMusicShelf, iTunes, or CDBaby.

Of course there are many non-financial ways to support my music. Social media sharing helps generate word-of-mouth which is invaluable in the creative industry. Even things as simple as requesting a track of a new CD on your favorite radio station or showing a sample score to your ensemble's director can have a huge impact. Most importantly, keep listening.

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