Joseph Fear:

Lots of Sound; a Dash of Fury

St. John's Passion

John's Passion narrative (John chapters 19 and 20) is the version of Jesus' Crucifixion that is always used on Good Friday. In some churches, a sung setting of the Passion narrative replaces the traditional Gospel reading for the day.

The completed composition will be an original fifteen- to twenty-minute work for small choir (suitable for as few as eight singers up to about thirty-two singers) and organ that would be suitable for liturgical use on Good Friday or for use as a concert piece.

Currently, my sketches divide the material into five sections: a first, optional Gethsemane section (as this portion is often omitted in liturgical treatments), Jesus before the high priest, Jesus before Pilate, the Crucifixion, and the Burial of Jesus. Using a sampled organ, I've roughed out a recording of some of my sketches, which you can hear in the video.

The stated funding goal primarily covers the compositional/creative fees associated with a piece of this scale and duration. I've also estimated that if we are able to double the stated funding goal, I would be able to hire performers to record the completed piece and distribute it electronically through CDBaby (which in turn distributes to most digital music outlets, including iTunes and Spotify).

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